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BBVA no longer markets in France, or from France, loans to individuals or small businesses and it does not resort to direct recruiting of customers. More information

Manage your cash flow

Manage your cash flow

At BBVA we work to ensure that your company has what it needs

  • Online banking

    All your banking transactions, on your computer or cell phone from anywhere and at any time with complete security.

    • Simple and intuitive operation.
    • Check your product balances and movements. 
  • Cash Pooling

    Consolidate the available balances of all your accounts with BBVA into a single main account.

    • Avoid incurring overdraft expenses as the affiliated accounts will end the day with a balance of zero.
    • Manage your company's cash flow under the concept of a single cash deposit.
  • Cash flow and global connectivity solutions

    We offer you a wide network of specialists to solve your transactional needs worldwide.

    You have different communication channels for the optimal management of working capital, trade finance and cash management, through electronic banking and mobile banking.

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