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BBVA no longer markets in France, or from France, loans or savings products to individuals or small businesses, nor does it use direct customer acquisition strategies. More information


International business

International business

We offer you the products and services you need for your international expansion

  • All your company's banks in a single space. 

    • Check your product balances and movements.
    • Sign your pending orders without using a computer.
  • Your global corporate banker is always at your disposal to help you:

    • Providing relevant information on the country of your investment.
    • Offering solutions adapted to your expansion needs (opening accounts abroad, financing, etc.).
    • Simplifying the acquisition process.
  • We help you find the structure that best suits your company with the option to perform currency and interest rate hedges. 

    • Access to risk management instruments.
    • Products that you can choose based on your company's needs.
    • Services in multiple currencies.
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