Trade Finance

BBVA assists you in your trade finance operations, whether you are exporting or importing in France or anywhere in the world.

Companies engaged in international trade know that a good coordination between the different geographical units of a bank and a good knowledge of the product are invaluable to the success of their international business. BBVA offers its experience in the field of international trade, with a team of experts that will help you to develoop your business beyond your borders.

The BBVA Group has over 9,000 branches and agencies in 35 countries for your convenience and offers you a personalized, individualized and effective service.

Our team from BBVA Global Trade Finance actively collaborates with exporters in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the Nordic countries, as well as in the UK and Ireland, and has a good knowledge of all credit institutions for exporting in the region.

Feel free to send us your questions on operations of any kind, shape and size. We invite you to contact us in order to access the next range of products and services, including all the standard instruments of foreign trade and customized solutions to meet our customers' specific needs:

  • Credit card: commercial, commercial standby, financial standby, performance standby
  • Business loans: import/export financing, structured financing
  • Guaranteed/Structured products: financing with ECA cover, financing with private insurance cover, products with multilateral cover
  • International payment methods: checks, payment orders, international transfers
  • Bank guarantees: commercial, financial, performance
  • Forfaiting: unstructured, structured